Tools for historical project work

On this site you will find tips how to carry out an historical research project for a EUSTORY competition. The work sheets are structured under four headings and can be downloaded either in German, English or French. The French version of the work sheets was kindly provided by EUSTORY´s Swiss member organisation, the "Association of Swiss History Teachers/HISTORIA".

"Planning a project": these work sheets provide tips how to define a topic for a historical research project. Furthermore you will learn how to structure your work so that you won't get lost during the process of research.

"Searching for material": where to find material for your historical research? The work sheets under this heading guide you through archives, libraries, the Internet and help you to conduct interviews with eyewitnesses or experts.

"Interpretation of sources": how to interpret the sources that you collected during your research? These work sheets help you to evalute the material that your research is based on.

"Presentation": the work sheets under this heading give examples how to finally present the results of the research - be it a written contribution, an exhibition, an historical excursion etc.

Work sheets for download: